PyOhio 2019 Tutorials

Enough Python to Fake It

Catherine Devlin

A hands-on introduction to the basics of Python programming, plus a high-level, conceptual, hand-wavey introduction to the intermediate and advanced Python topics you'll be hearing about all weekend. You won't become a full-fledged Python programmer, but you'll learn enough to get through PyOhio productively, and you'll know how to continue your own Python education afterward.

Hands-On Web UI Testing

Andrew Knight

Unit tests are great, but they don’t catch all bugs because they don’t test features like a user. Never fear! Let’s learn how to write robust, scalable Web UI tests using Python, pytest, and Selenium WebDriver that cover the full stack for any Web app.

Making Games with ppb

Piper Thunstrom

Learn to make games with Python. ppb aims to make building games simple and fun! We'll cover the basic features of ppb to make a basic game, then dive into the powerful extensibility features it offers to make even more complex games.

Probabilistic Programming and Bayesian Inference in Python

Lara Kattan

If you can write a model in sklearn, you can make the leap to Bayesian inference with PyMC3, a user-friendly intro to probabilistic programming (PP) in Python. PP just means building models where the building blocks are probability distributions! And we can use PP to do Bayesian inference easily. Bayesian inference allows us to solve problems that aren't otherwise tractable with classical methods.