Big Data with Small Computers: Building a Hadoop Cluster with Raspberry Pis

30-minute Talk - Saturday, July 27 at 10:30am in Barbie Tootle

The Hadoop ecosystem created a wide array of amazing tools and technologies that made processing of large amounts of data easier and more fun. In this talk I will go through how to use Raspberry Pi 2s to create a distributed cluster worthy of interesting data analysis. I will use Apache Spark and other open source, easy to obtain software and hardware for data insights.

  1. Details of the hardware set up - Raspberry Pis and network set up to create a functional cluster.
  2. Installing Hadoop, Yarn, HDFS, Spark etc and different software.
  3. Different data sets and how to use your newly built cluster to analyze data.
  4. Using powerful Spark technologies to quickly analyze datasets.
  5. Overview of open source technologies in creating a personal, powerful data cluster.


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