Enough Python to Fake It

120-minute Tutorial - Saturday, July 27 at 10:30am in Suzanne Scharer

A hands-on introduction to the basics of Python programming, plus a high-level, conceptual, hand-wavey introduction to the intermediate and advanced Python topics you'll be hearing about all weekend. You won't become a full-fledged Python programmer, but you'll learn enough to get through PyOhio productively, and you'll know how to continue your own Python education afterward.

You came to a conference for a programming language you don't know. Good for you! Your courage and curiosity will pay off. Let's teach you enough Python to get you started, and enough Python concepts to help you understand the PyOhio goodness you're about to witness.

We'll devote about an hour to hands-on learning of the basics of writing Python programs, and an hour to understanding more advanced ideas and terminology in general terms. Prepare for creative analogies and physical demonstrations that may or may not involve interpretive dance.

Suitable for non-programmers as well as programmers who don't know Python. We'll tune the pace on the fly to the needs of those who actually attend, but if there's a mix, the least experienced will get highest priority.

Bring a laptop!


Prerequisites & Setup Instructions


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