Making Games with ppb

120-minute Tutorial - Sunday, July 28 at 3:15pm in Suzanne Scharer

Learn to make games with Python. ppb aims to make building games simple and fun! We'll cover the basic features of ppb to make a basic game, then dive into the powerful extensibility features it offers to make even more complex games.

Come in knowing nothing about games, and we'll get you out the door with one or two small games under your belt! You will need to know some basic python. You should be comfortable writing a class and instantiating classes. You should know how to write and call your own functions. We'll cover all the complex bits of games and get you going quickly.

  1. Introduction
    1. Piper Thunstrom
    2. PPB
    3. Get installed
  2. Game 1 - A simple "shooter"
    1. Make a window
    2. Adding your Player
    3. Hooking up controls
    4. Making projectiles
    5. Adding targets
  3. Game 2 - Virtual Pet
    1. Create your pet
    2. Add hunger
    3. Add boredom and playing.
    4. Add a filth level and washing your pet.


Prerequisites & Setup Instructions


  1. Have a virtual environment set up with Python 3.6 or 3.7
  2. ppb installed in that virtual environment.


  1. I'll show a tool for creating your own sprites, but if you'd prefer to prepare them in advance, bring square pixel art sprite pngs for best results.

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