Quickly Build Your Own Personal Website with Python

30-minute Talk - Sunday, July 28 at 12:45pm in Barbie Tootle

Haven't gotten around to building that personal blog? How about a website for your side project? Python actually has a rich ecosystem of web development tools that are easy to learn and fun to use! Bring your laptop and follow along as we build a personal blog LIVE in this talk using the pip package: CodeRed CMS (based on Wagtail and Django).

Quick overview and pro/cons of common web development platforms and what they offer:

  • WordPress

  • Static site generators

  • Popular Python content management systems: plone, django-cms, and Wagtail

What is CodeRed CMS?

  • Open source pip package, based on Wagtail, Django, and Bootstrap CSS.

  • Provides a nice interface and pre-built components to get you up and running quickly with no code.

  • Similar level of editing and configurability as WordPress.

Live tutorial: we will use CodeRed CMS to build a personal blog.

  • First we will install the pip package and get a basic site set up with zero coding required!

  • Second we will use Python to write a little code for advanced customization of our new website.

Attendees will leave this talk with an understanding of the current state of python content management systems, and with knowledge on how to build their own personal website or blog.


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