Saturday Lightning Talks

Plenary - Saturday, July 27 at 5:15pm in Cartoon 1, Cartoon 2

5-minute talks on topics of interest to the PyOhio community.

  1. Secure Your PyPI Account! by Ernest W. Durbin III
  2. Tim Has Too Many Projects -- Please Help by Tim 'mithro' Ansell
  3. Announcing PyCarolinas 2020!
  4. How I Wrote My Most Recent Tweet
  5. Building an ORM using dataclasses by Jace Browning
  6. Python in AWS Lambda by Peter Landoll
  7. G New Cash - Balancing Your Checkbook w/ Python by Paul Bromwell, Jr.
  8. Maintaining 100 PyPI Packages
  9. Property Testing Pandas / Bulwurk
  10. Venmo me @graduation by Josh Martin


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