Refactor Yourself

30-minute Talk - Sunday, July 28 at 4:15pm in Cartoon 1

Do you sometimes feel like a pile of legacy code? Do you dread refactoring yourself into a "new hotness,” due to the insurmountable amount of work it may take? Do you want to break free, but are unsure of where to start? Look no further, as this session will embark on a journey to refactor you, one red-green test at a time, starting with the highest priority issues first.

We all have been there (or witnessed it in someone else): glassy-eyed, glaring into many open screens, fingers rushing through multiple lines of code, energy drink of some sort by your side, and possibly snacks that were dug out of the pantry (which should have been disposed of long ago). You are now propelled into a sleepless night — and hopefully, victory by the time the sun comes up. As you sit there trying to solve yet another complex problem, you become keenly aware of the fuzzy sensation in your brain, the fatigue in your body, the somewhat weird noises in your stomach, and your general lack of capacity to process what it is you came here to do. In this talk, we will walk through concepts of sleep hygiene, eating habits, digestive concerns, body aches, strains, and pains, mood concerns, and how they all affect your ability to function. We will discuss how to examine your recent behavior, prioritize any symptoms, what to tackle first, and how to persevere in the long run.


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