Speaker: Regina Compton

Regina Compton

Regina Compton came to coding after working several years as a musicologist, arts administrator, and music educator. Burdened with too many sacrifices at the altar of Weebly, she learned to code at Dev Bootcamp.

Regina works for BrightHive, an impact-driven civic tech company that engineers solutions for safely and ethically sharing data. She previously worked at DataMade, where she served as a lead developer on several projects that made complex data easy-to-understand, including Councilmatic LA Metro, Connectmenow.org and StudentUnion. Regina loves writing clear, useful documentation (e.g., her co-authorship of DataMade's testing guidelines) and helpful, interesting blogs (e.g., a recent on on versioning crontabs).

Outside of coding, she often thinks about music, what it does, and how it does the things it does. She especially appreciates the composer George Frideric Handel and fancies herself an active “Handelian” – both as the web developer for the American Handel Society and as an author of a forthcoming essay on Handel's soprano singers. She also enjoys organizing innovative community arts events, most recently, Amygdala Notes in Chicago. Regina loves spending time at Lake Michigan with her toddler-aged son, who – like his mother – embraces the bitter pleasures of cold-water swimming.


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