Speaker: Craig Maloney

Craig Maloney

I've been interested in computers back when Atari, Commodore and Sinclair roamed the earth. From the primordial soup of BASIC and Pascal I emerged with hopes of finding a career in computing. The emergence of the World Wide Web and Linux gave me fertile ground to build a career where I could trade Perl code and system administration for paychecks. After a brief period of trying to figure out the ever-popular Java thing I stumbled into the Python community, where I found a language that I actually enjoyed using. Many projects and lines of code later I'm happy to say that I'm still finding joy in writing Python.

When I'm not coding Python I'm a podcaster, writer, and game designer. I'm the host of Open Metalcast (a podcast dedicated to Creative Commons Licensed Metal Music) and co-host of Lococast.net. I'm a board member of and frequent speaker at the Michigan!/usr/group. I'm also a contributor to the online webcomic Pepper&Carrot, where I am the lead maintainer of the wiki.

Learn more at http://decafbad.net.


30-minute Talk: The Mediocre Programmer