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Aakanksha Chouhan


Aakanksha is a recent Computer Science and Engineering graduate from SRM University AP, India.
She works as a Machine Learning Engineer at Omdena and ML research intern at National University of Singapore's Vintage Lab.
She has been involved for over three years in fast-development and big scale projects on "A.I for good" alongside AI experts and enthusiasts, doing RnD for non profits or community-proposed projects that respond to one area of need of a specific population. These projects have been mainly focused on Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision, and Cognitive Science. She has led ACM Women, WiMLDS and several other tech community chapters which aim to empower more women to enter the field of machine learning and data science.

Apart from obsessing over the optimisation of a model, she is into book clubs and astrophysics with a wild obsession for classic rock.


Moulding Data for ML