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9 Jupyter Notebook Tricks for Your Next Advent of Code

Thunder Talk (schedule TBD)

Every year thousands of developers try to solve the programming puzzles of the Advent of Code1 challenge. For many Pythonistas, their favorite tool to do that is the Jupyter notebook. As the problems get progressively more challenging, solving them step-by-step is an excellent approach. You read some data, play with it, solve the small-scale problem and then try to solve the whole challenge.

Apart from showing the output of each intermediate step, Jupyter notebooks offer plenty of useful features. Including:

  • Easy access to the documentation
  • Different debugging mechanisms
  • Lightweight storage
  • Shell commands
  • Pastebin support

In this lightning talk, I will show you how to use them when solving problems in Jupyter Notebooks.

  1. If you never heard about the Advent of Code - it's a series of 25 code challenges. Each of them is released daily between the 1st and 25th of December. It's like the advent calendar (, but instead of chocolate or a small gift, you get frustration if you can't solve a given problem. At least I do ;) 

Presented by

Sebastian Witowski