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Creating and Teaching Games in Python to Teach Artificial Intelligence Concepts

Lightning Talk at 2:30PM EDT

I am a High School Freshman who enjoys coding and robotics. For the past 3 years, I have taken Artificial Intelligence classes as a student. AI is a buzz word - It is an exciting yet daunting subject. My instructor made these classes fun and less daunting by using real world examples and games. I got so inspired, I started understanding and writing neural networks in Python in no time. Now, I am trying to create the same experience for my students.

I am a volunteer teacher at where I teach AI concepts to students in 6th - 12th grade. When I create a course, I think of how to include AI concepts in games. I write games utilizing libraries like turtle and pygame. I consult with my instructor and they help review my courses.

I would like to share my approach, give the audiences a sneak peak at my curriculum, and share some resources that I have created.

Here are some examples of my curriculum:

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Anay Pant