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Moulding Data for ML

Thunder Talk (schedule TBD)

Data is the most crucial entity for any ML model to function. Raw data isn't your best bet when it comes to using it for AI applications. Without a doubt, many recent breakthroughs in Machine Learning owe as much to having better data as they owe to having better models. A common experience among ML practitioners these days is that "data munging" occupies more time and effort than modelling. Despite these facts, data curation often does not get the limelight, be it Academia or the Industry. This talk intends to highlight the importance of data in the Machine Learning ecosystem. Curating the data to your needs is the first act of Machine Learning" which helps identify valuable information from the extensive amount of crude data available at your fingertips. Come learn how this data is moulded to fit your ML model right.

Presented by

Aakanksha Chouhan