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Anay Pant

I have been speaking or presenting at PyCon since I was in fifth grade starting out with my Pythonista mom and now on my own! I presented about different types of games, teaching, and robotics with Python. I love working with Python, especially building neural networks for games I play, and developing neural networks for competitions in Kaggle and
Here is a video link from my presentation in PyOhio21:
Here is the link to one of the lectures for AiClub - Included are snippets from Navigator:
I am also part of a Robotics team called the FTC Ninjabots. We participate in seasonal robotics competitions. Our design has sections on using AI to detect objects. I use the skills I know from AI and Python experience to make my contribution.
Here is the link to our Robotics Team’s website:
GitHub page:


Flappy Bird AI!