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Chris Volny


Senior Software Engineer with Duo Security / Cisco working on the Duo CloudSSO platform.

Interests include:
- WebAuthn and Passwordless authentication
- Ohio LinuxFest '21 and a CSA webinar
- Single Sign On / Cloud Security / Identity and Access Management
- [Penguicon 2022 - SSO Technology]((
- Async+Typed Python3
- React and TypeScript
- Social and information network analysis + modeling
- specifically political homophily / filter bubbles + link prediction/recommendations
- Machine learning and data classification
- mostly DNN and GAs
- CloudSec, IoT, and Connected Vehicles
- Meta-programming / ASTs / reflection
- System architecture, development lifecycle, code maintainability/quality/dependency analysis
- Number theory, steganography, and cryptography (math not money)


Advanced Typing: TypeVars, Generics, and Protocols