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Bootstrapping Your Local Python Environment

Short Talk at 11:15AM EDT

You cracked open your brand new Mac or Linux dream machine and low and behold, it has Python out-of-the-box and ready to roll… Or so you think? Maybe you want to get started doing Python development on Windows and see that you can grab Python easily from the Microsoft Store. Should you?

There are simple, yet crucial, reminders that can differentiate an expert developer from a hobbyist. This talk is ideal for developers who want to optimize their system setups. Developers of all skill levels often forget about the journey — and the troubles — they had when first installing Python on their machines. Established, senior developers might be able to install Python easily, but are they following the Zen of Python when it comes to best practices for environment settings and versioning?

In this talk and live demo, we’ll discuss getting started with the end in mind and making sure your development computer doesn’t become the next superfund site (

Developers will learn:
- the importance of abiding by the Zen of Python;
- where (and how) to install Python on your machine;
- three rules to follow when installing Python;
- proper version management with pyenv;
- which Python add-ons (e.g.: virtualenv, pipx, piptools, Docker) can be used to make environments both repeatable and simple.

After this presentation, developers will know the best practices needed to spend less time setting up and more time having fun with the code.

Presented by

Calvin Hendryx-Parker