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Doing Everything Data Without Leaving the Notebook: Programmatic Jupyter Notebooks

Short Talk at 12:45PM EDT

Jupyter notebooks is one of the most powerful tools for any data scientist. It makes doing tasks like data wrangling, modeling, visualizing really quick and easy for even people with not a lot of experience in software engineering.

But, a problem arises that to actually put that code into production involves a lot of copying, pasting, and refactoring into order to be used in a full fledged system. But what if we didn't have to leave the notebook? What if the notebook could be the production ready code?

This talk will giving an introduction to using the papermill library, how it works, why it's powerful, and an actual use case of how I use papermill in a pipeline that transforms raw data into clean tidy data, and then runs multiple many notebooks to generate various visualizations and statistics to be later used in a study.

Presented by

Alex Zharichenko