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Simplicity and Fun: Learning with CircuitPython

Short Talk at 9:21AM EDT

CircuitPython is an open source version of Python, designed to run on tiny computers called microcontrollers. It has, from the start, focused on being beginner friendly and lowering the barrier to entry for new folks into programming and electronics. This focus has led to creating a language that is considered, by educators, to be an excellent option for teaching in various environments, including university and high school classes, code camps, and more. CircuitPython has accomplished this in multiple ways, including: easy access to thorough documentation, building a welcoming and supportive community, extensive hardware support, making it simple to get started, and, most importantly, making learning fun! Discover how and why CircuitPython is a great choice for education.

Slides and talk resources can be found here.

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Kattni Rembor