Learn Just Enough Computer Science to Be a Better (Self-taught) Data Scientist/Engineer

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Are you an aspiring data scientist or engineer, forging your own path through the vast landscape of data science and engineering? The journey can be intimidating, with an ever-expanding array of tools and concepts to master, both within and beyond the realm of Python. In this talk, I will be your guide, helping you navigate this wilderness by focusing on the indispensable knowledge that has opened doors to more projects and become a proficient self-taught data scientist and engineer.

Join me as I share my personal experiences and insights, highlighting the skills and knowledge that have had the most significant impact on my journey. From the Linux command line and version control with Git to delving into the basics of computer networks and learning just enough web development for efficient data scraping. I'll break down these key components that will empower you on your path to expertise in data science and engineering.

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Jian Jin