The PyOhio 2023 video stream will start at 10am on Saturday, December 16. All times EST.

Start TimeTalk
10:00 am


by Dave Forgac

10:04 am

Learn Just Enough Computer Science to Be a Better (Self-taught) Data Scientist/Engineer

by Jian Jin

10:18 am

Better Living Through Direnv

by Kyle Adams

10:33 am

Who Put the Python in My Browser?! A Quick Guide to PyScript!

by Sadukie

10:45 am

Full-Stack Python with HTMX

by Pandy Knight

10:55 am


11:00 am

Python's Magic for Machine Learning in 15 Minutes

by Connie Skomra

11:13 am

(Not-so) Precise Float Arithmetic in Python

by Syed Muhammad Dawoud Sheraz Ali

11:25 am

Iterate, Iterate, Iterate

by Moshe Zadka

11:39 am

Making Our Python Code More Accessible

by Dmitriy Chukhin, Janelle Bouchard

11:53 am


12:00 pm

Exploring OpenSearch, Python, and Serverless: Crafting Efficient and Modern Search Applications

by Laysa Uchoa, Yuliia Barabash

12:13 pm

How to Test Your Cloud Code Confidently

by Drake Pocsatko

12:27 pm

Orchestrating Workflows Is a 'cron-ic' Systems Problem. Airflow Is the Modern Solution.

by Jack Bennett

12:43 pm

Digital Signal Processing in Python: A MATLAB Alternative

by Meg Sharma

12:54 pm


1:00 pm

Mommy, How Are Objects Made? - by Dunder Seuss

by Joshua Cannon

1:04 pm

Serverless Jupyter Notebook Functions

by Koushik Krishnan

1:16 pm

From Code to Clarity: How Good Technical Documentation is the Key to Great Software

by Ria Bhatia

1:29 pm

Make Your Documentation Interactive with PyScript

by Jeff Glass

1:40 pm

Slaying Software Zombies with LLMs (and Lesser Incantations)

by Paul Pereyda Karayan

1:54 pm


2:00 pm


by Mariatta

2:09 pm

Debugging Failing Pytest Tests in a Notebook

by Richard Shadrach

2:15 pm

How Many Times Can One Line Fail? ExceptionGroups & Except*: What They Are and How to Use Them

by Andrew Kubera

2:25 pm

Hamming it Up! Using Python with Ham Radio

by Jeff Lehman

2:39 pm

What Is the `Annotated` Type?

by Daniel Schelkoph

2:55 pm


3:00 pm

Adafruit Circuit Playground Express as an “On Air” Light

by Nik Kantar

3:11 pm

Build a Web Map with PyScript!

by Christy Heaton

3:21 pm

Web Scraping Crash Course! With Python and Scrapy

by James Walters

3:36 pm

Inequality Joins in Pandas with Pyjanitor

by Samuel Oranyeli

3:53 pm


4:00 pm

Glacial Refactoring: A Glacier-inspired Approach to Code Cleanup

by Rose Hooper

4:11 pm

Animations from First Principles

by Rodrigo Girão Serrão

4:26 pm

What I Learned in Three Years Writing Tests Live

by Wayne

4:41 pm

Thank You & Looking Ahead to PyOhio 2024

by Dave Forgac, Kattni