Full talk schedule to be announced closer to the event.

20 GOTO 10: How to Make Scrolling ASCII Art

by Al Sweigart

23, Python and Me: Using Machine Learning in Python to Analyze Consumer Genomics Data

by Nathan Brouwer

A Confession of My Python Sins

by Jamie Bliss

A Novel Framework to Efficient Path Planning Through Real-time Cost Map Generation Using Neural Networks for Search and Rescue Missions

by Keith Martin Machina

A Python Sequence (Un)Packing Primer

by Brian Costlow

Asyncio by Example

by Andrew Kubera

Boosting Neuroimaging Analysis and Results Digestibility 🧠

by Carlos A Aranibar

Boosting Python Numeric Computations with Dynamic C++ Integration

by Mandar Deshpande

Building Resilient Applications with Circuit Breakers and Retries Using FastAPI

by Sameer Shukla

Building Vector-Symbolic Architectures with Python

by Fabio Cumbo

Data Engineering: The World Between Worlds

by Rainu Ittycheriah

Data Science & Agile: Strategies for Working Together

by Alyssa Batula

Device Authorization Flow 101: Logging in From Input Constrained Devices

by Jessica Temporal

Enhancing the JupyterLab Notebook to Overcome Bioinformatics Analysis Challenges with GiN

by Jayadev Joshi

Evolve or Die: How I Stopped Avoiding and Starting Loving Python Upgrades

by Ruby Henry, Ph.d.

Gotta Go Fast! Using Asyncio for More Efficient Web Scraping

by Samuel Agnew

Hot: Pathlib, Not: String Paths

by Josh Schneider

How to Do the Same Thing Over and Over Again and Yield Different Results

by Jessica Garson

Introducing Immortal Objects: Building Block Towards a Multi-core Python Runtime

by Aditya Mehra

Is Python Your TYPE of Programming Language? How to Use Static Typing in Python With Type Hints, MyPy and Pydantic

by Jack Bennett

Mastering the Zen of Dev Experience: Kubernetes and the Art of Simplicity

by Calvin Hendryx-Parker

Python <3 Rust

by Moshe Zadka

Python + Discord = Great Bots!

by Alex Oladele

Quantum Computing with Qiskit in Galaxy

by Bryan Raubenolt

Serverless AI Inferencing Using Python and WebAssembly

by Shivay Lamba

Signal Processing in Electrochemistry with Python: Applications to the US Opioids Crisis

by Rodrigo Silva Ferreira

Simplifying Python Web App Operations: Automating K8s Ops with Open Source

by David Andersson

Snakes & Ladders: A Gentle Introduction to Generators and Iterators

by JR Rickerson

So, I got some code working... now how do i share it?!

by Elaine Wong

Sorting 18650 Cells for Do-It-Yourself Batteries

by Terry Howald

Stress Less: Easy Database Load Testing Using Python and Locust

by Miguel Johnson

Technical Empathy

by Leon Adato

Validating Complex Types Using Pydantic

by Daniel Schelkoph

Wagtail: The Python CMS Taking the World by Storm

by Vince Salvino

What Django Deployment is Really About

by James Walters

Zen Commandments

by Paul Hutchings