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Metis accelerates the careers of data scientists by providing full-time immersive bootcamps, evening professional development courses, online training, and corporate programs. Our immersive courses, designed by world-class industry practitioners, provide you with intensive, on-site instruction, access to an extensive network of speakers and mentors, and ongoing career coaching and job placement support. Our goal is to prepare you to succeed as a data scientist. Campuses are located in Chicago, New York City, San Francisco and Seattle.

Principal Sponsors



CoverMyMeds is one of the fastest growing healthcare technology companies in the US. We help prescribers and pharmacies submit Prior Authorization requests for any drug and nearly all health plans - 100% free - to get millions of patients on their medications every single year. Our team of highly- productive healthcare enthusiasts, startup junkies and everything in between is the best thing about working here. On-site chef, flexible hours and paid benefits? Yeah, we have those too. But don’t take our word for it. We’ve been named to Glassdoor's top 50 places to work in the nation, Inc. 500’s list three times, were awarded one of the top places to work by Modern Healthcare and three times won best places to work in Columbus, Ohio.

Wingware Python IDE


Wing Pro is a Python IDE for professional programmers. Its powerful debugging, editing, code intelligence, refactoring, and testing features make interactive Python development fast, accurate, and fun. Wing Pro runs on Windows, Linux, and OS X and works with Django, Flask, wxPython, PyQt, matplotlib, Maya, NUKE, pygame, and many others. Wing Pro supports remote development to Raspberry Pi and other ARM Linux systems, Intel Linux, and OS X. Wing is also available in two free editions: Wing Personal for students and hobbyists, and Wing 101 for teaching beginning level programming classes. For more information, please visit http://wingware.com

Caktus Group


Caktus builds web and SMS apps with Django for businesses and social good. We’re known for developing sharp apps the right way, delivering over 100 solutions and impacting more than 70 million people. In addition to building apps with the highest code quality, we provide discovery workshops, team augmentation, and best practices consulting. We’re proud to be part of the AWS Partner Network as Consulting Partners.



OnShift delivers cloud-based human capital management software and proactive services to solve everyday workforce challenges in healthcare. Our suite of products for hiring, scheduling and employee engagement drives quality care, lower costs and higher performance by empowering providers to staff consistently and efficiently. Intuitive design, predictive analytics and customer success management are why thousands of post-acute care and senior living organizations rely on OnShift. For more information visit https://www.onshift.com.

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American Greetings


American Greetings is a leading creator and manufacturer of innovative social expression products that assist consumers in enhancing their relationships to create happiness, laughter, and love. We offer one of the largest collections of greetings on the Web, including print-on-demand cards available at http://cardstore.com and ecards at http://americangreetings.com.



Ansible is the most popular open source automation tool on GitHub today with more than a quarter million downloads per month. We've also got more contributors than any other Python project on GitHub, with over 2,500 and growing. At Ansible, we rely on Python every day, and our users rely on it too, which is why we're proud to sponsor PyOhio and the worldwide Python community.



Aver is an early-stage software company full of smart, passionate engineers using the best modern tech to transform healthcare. Our analytics, running on big data technology, provide our customers with the tools to identify wasteful medical spending, determine the right treatment plan for expensive medical procedures, and price those treatments in a fair and transparent way. Our goal is to make healthcare more effective and less expensive, and to dramatically improve patient health.

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Our vision is to provide the simplest tool for events, conferences, and any organization to gather useful feedback and data by providing an engaging platform for attendees. Realizing just how strapped for time you are, PheedLoop is constantly being re-engineered to be an effortless turn-key solution. Mobile and web technologies excite us, and at PheedLoop we are dedicated to leveraging these technologies to boost attendee engagement, satisfaction, and help you gain invaluable insight.

Non-profit Sponsors

Girl Develop It Columbus


Girl Develop It Columbus is an inclusive group dedicated to empowering adult women through coding education. We offer affordable in-person courses and workshops as well as free monthly community meetups. We believe that by creating a warm and welcoming community, we can help women improve their careers and confidence in their everyday lives.



A 2 day Python conference in Nashville, TN.

Big Apple Py


Big Apple Py is a New York State non-profit that promotes the use and education of open source software, in particular the Python programming language, in and around New York City. Big Apple Py proudly organizes the NYC Python (http://nycpython.org), Learn Python NYC (http://learn.nycpython.org), and Flask-NYC (http://flask-nyc.org) meetup groups, as well as PyGotham (https://pygotham.org), an annual regional Python conference.



The Memphis Python User Group aims to promote the use of the Python programming language in the Mid-South. We aim to to share knowledge and to nurture a community of Python professionals and enthusiasts.

Open Sourcing Mental Illness


Open Sourcing Mental Illness is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) corporation dedicated to raising awareness, educating, and providing resources to support mental wellness in the tech and open source communities.

OSMI began in 2013 as a speaking campaign by Ed Finkler. Ed started speaking at tech conferences about his personal experiences as a web developer and open source advocate with a mental health disorder. The response was overwhelming, and Ed has continued to speak, gather data, and organize efforts to change experiences of those with mental health disorders in the tech workplace. This includes speaking at conferences and companies, conducting research, and creating documentation to assist companies in making supportive environments for those impacted by mental health disorders. He is assisted in these efforts by selfless board members and volunteers who bring their time and expertise to bear on this important issue.

Individual Sponsors



Rick and Erica Harding