Young Coders

Schedule for PyKids 2017 TBD

2016 Saturday Class

There will be a Young Coders class on Saturday from 8:30 AM (check-in) to 4:00 PM. 20 Students will learn the basics of Python on Raspberry Pi computers.

It's the same class as taught at PyCon.

One slight difference. At the end of our class, the kids take everything home but the monitors: Pi, case, power supply, keyboard, mouse, and HDMI cable. They can plug into a flat screen TV and keep on learning.

We will open 10 spots to the general public. Registration for those spots will open at on July 16th at 8:00 AM.

Students must be between the ages of 12 and 17 to register.

Exceptions to to the age policy may only be made in advance by the PyOhio Chair in consultation with the class instructor. Exceptions will only be made for children under 12 if they will be entering the 7th grade (US school system) or higher in fall of 2016. Exceptions will only be made for persons over 17 if they have not yet graduated high school (12th grade US school system). Proof of education level may be required. Contact if you have questions about this policy.


The other ten spots will go to children selected by our community partner, the Get Out Network!

Get Out Network

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