Python in Serverless Architectures
By Daniel Lindeman

Serverless architectures are all the rage right now, but why? The cost savings? The developer story? Because it's shiny and new? In this talk I will start with a basic Flask App and show the process of migrating to a serverless architecture on AWS using the Serverless framework. Along the way, we'll also highlight some of the tradeoffs developers make when choosing a serverless architecture.

Sunday 1:30 p.m.–2 p.m. in Cartoon 2

You're familiar with backend web development in the Python ecosystem, Flask, Django, Pyramid, all of it. Things are going smoothly in the world of backend. Great!

One day you're cruising through HackerNews and all of a sudden see the words "Serverless Architectures" pop up. Oh dear. "Servers? That's where backend code lives!", you protest, "what is the racket all about?"

Lucky for us, we know Python. A first-class citizen in the world of serverless architectures.

Serverless architectures are on the rise, so lets take a look at all the moving pieces that go into making one. We begin our journey in the familiar land of Flask with a small, but useful, backend application. We will demystify serverless architectures using a very-confusingly-named utility called...ahem...Serverless. Piece by piece we will come to understand ways of doing user authentication, database interaction, deployment, and testing for our new fangled serverless application. We'll explore the pros and the cons of our choices as we make them.

By the end of our time together serverless architectures will transform from meaningless buzzword to a valid architecture decision you have all the tools to evaluate.

Daniel Lindeman

Dan is a Software Engineer from Grand Rapids, MI, where he lives with his wife Kayla and his dog Bowie. When not learning a new language, framework, or piece of tech, Dan enjoys playing Nintendo games and spending time with friends.

An educator-turned-developer, Dan got his start in the software industry testing embedded automotive infotainment systems. He is currently a part-time Masters student at Grand Valley State University focusing on Web Architectures. A self-described conference junkie, Dan can be found organizing community events and software meetup groups all over West Michigan.