Egad! How Do We Start Writing (Better) Tests?
By Andrew Knight

Some have never automated tests and can’t check themselves before they wreck themselves. Others have 1000s of tests that are flaky, duplicative, and slow. Wa-do-we-do? GOOD testing is hard but not impossible. Start with proven advice from this talk!

Saturday 3:45 p.m.–4:15 p.m. in Cartoon 2

To show how to develop a test automation solution for champions, we will follow the story of “Amanda the Panda” (representing the everyday Pythoneer) as she jumps into testing and automation with Python.

Her journey includes:

  1. How do I play “buzzword bingo” for testing?
  2. Why do we need feature tests and not just unit tests?
  3. What skills do I need?
  4. What framework should I use?
  5. How do I avoid duplicating test code?
  6. How do I handle test data?
  7. There are too many tests! Which ones should I automate?
  8. How do I run tests in continuous integration?
  9. How do I make tests reliable so they stop failing again and again?
  10. How do I hire Software Engineers in Test?

All examples will be given in Python (of course).

Andrew Knight

Andy Knight is the "Automation Panda". He is a software engineer whose specialty is building test automation systems from the ground up, which involves both software development for test code as well as the infrastructure to run it in continuous integration. Currently, he is a Software Engineer in Test at PrecisionLender in Cary, NC. He also does independent consulting and training, and he is an avid Pythoneer. Check out his software blog at