Containers Without the Magic
By Vince Salvino

If you've ever seen a talk on containers or Docker, it usually goes something like this: A "hello world" app is deployed and massively scaled up using some kind of magic framework or API. Nothing short of a magic trick, we usually feel impressed but have no idea what just happened. This talk is an intro to containers as explained by a Python dev for Python devs, without the magic tricks.

Sunday 2:15 p.m.–2:45 p.m. in Cartoon 2

This talk is designed to explain container concepts in a way that is familiar to Python developers. We will not focus on specific frameworks or cloud services that help deploy containers. We will explain what containers are, how they work, and how to get started containerizing your app.

What are containers?

  • What is a container.
  • Conceptual difference between running your app in a container versus "normally".
  • Pros and cons of container concepts.

How do containers work?

  • Comparison to virtualenv.
  • Overview of LXC (Linux containers).
  • Overview of Docker.
  • How to shift your thinking from LAMP stack mentality to Docker mentality.

Containerizing your app

  • Treating new shiny syndrome: real-world use-cases why you should or shouldn't containerize your app.
  • Getting started checklist for dockerizing your existing python web app.

Vince Salvino

Vince is a Cleveland-based web developer and small business owner (CodeRed LLC). Specializing in Python, .NET, and cloud services, his work through CodeRed helps marketing, IT, and non-profits improve their web apps and infrastructure.

In his spare time he enjoys finding obscure hidden gems of Cleveland (mostly record shops, cafes, and breweries), and gardening at home in Shaker Heights.