Serverless Anywhere, Including On-Prem
By Don Schenck

Cloud functions -- or "Serverless" -- allows you to put functions into play without the typical deployment effort. While the major cloud providers have their own FaaS, OpenWhisk -- an open source solution -- allows you to run function on any cloud, including on premises. Come see how you can run Python functions on your own terms.

Saturday 3:45 p.m.–4:15 p.m. in Hays Cape

Serverless computing -- they’re functions, but that doesn’t sound as provocative -- is here to stay. Some people even think it will take over and be the future of computing. But there’s one problem: Vendor lock in.

Azure Functions, AWS Lambdas, Google Cloud Functions … they will all meet your needs, but do you really want to put all your proverbial computing eggs into one vendor basket? Also; what if you just want to learn (“play around with”) functions without spending money?

Enter OpenWhisk, the open source serverless (“THEY’RE FUNCTIONS!”) computing engine that runs anywhere: Azure, Amazon, Google, your hosting platform of choice, or in-house. Or everywhere. Your choice, you decide, you are in control.

This session will demonstrate how one code base -- no matter the programming language! -- can run on any platform, avoiding vendor lock in and putting you back in control of your cloud native development.

Don Schenck

A developer who has seen it all, Don is a Microsoft MVP, author of “Transitioning to .NET Core on Red Hat Enterprise Linux” by O’Reilly Media, and currently a Director of Developer Experience at Red Hat, with a focus on Microservices and Serverless computing. Prior to Red Hat, Don was a Developer Advocate at Rackspace where he was immersed in cloud technology. He enjoys cooking and studying human behavior, and loathes the designated hitter rule.

Don's overarching belief is this: "A program is not a communication between a developer and a machine; it's a communication between a developer and the next developer."