Sunday Lightning Talks
By Dave Forgac

A series of 5-minute talks!

Sunday 5 p.m.–6 p.m. in Cartoon 1, Cartoon 2

  • Extending Python w/ C/C++ - Devyn Spillane
  • Even More Significant Whitespace - Tom Fetherston
  • Don't Hire Rockstars, Train Idols - Kojo Idrissa
  • I Want a Descriptor in my Dataclass - Rick Teachey
  • Saving An Animation in Matplotlib - Brandon Rhodes
  • fuzzywuzzy String Matching - Ann Elliott
  • PPB: 15 Lines to Takeoff - Piper Thunstrom
  • Get Setup with setup.cfg - Andrew Kubera
  • Wagtail – Vince Salvino

Dave Forgac

Dave Forgac is a senior software engineer in Cleveland, OH. Dave has been a FOSS enthusiast ever since installing Linux for the first time in the late '90's. He loves building communities and is an organizer of PyOhio, CLEpy, and the Cleveland API Meetup.