Making Games
By Piper Thunstrom

Games make an excellent hack space for learning computer science topics, but they have their own language you’ll want to learn. Learn what an application loop is and how they look in practice. Get a crash course in 2d computer graphics. See a handful of examples of how to build games with multiple transitions. See a handful of anti-patterns. Get a quick summary of the game libraries.

Saturday 2 p.m.–2:45 p.m. in Cartoon 2

  1. Game Loops
    1. Anatomy of a long running process
    2. The Most Basic Loop
      1. Respond to events
      2. Update Simulation
      3. Draw the model
  2. 2D Graphics
    1. The pixel grid
    2. Separation of draw space and simulation space
  3. Constructing your game
    1. The simplest
    2. Loops in loops
    3. Scenes
  4. Engine Design
    1. procedural loops
    2. Entity-Component-System
    3. Model-View-Controller
  5. Libraries
    1. Pygame
    2. Arcade
    3. PursuedPyBear

Piper Thunstrom

A transgender Pythonista with a passion for games. Professionally a web platform engineer, in her free time she builds game libraries and encourages people to pick up a little Python.