Cheating on Your Math Homework with SymPy
By John Cassidy

I'd like to give a talk on the SymPy. It's probably the least well-known of the SciPy packages (so it's time to show it some love). It's a symbolic computation/Computer Algebra system in the same vein as Mathematica or Maple.

Sunday 3:15 p.m.–4 p.m. in Cartoon 2

  • Installation
  • Basic Algebra Stuff (about 40% of talk)
  • Define symbols
  • Build expressions
  • How Sympy uses exact values i.e. pi * exp(5) + sqrt(8) until told to evaluate as float
  • Expand an expression
  • Factor expression
  • Build an expression from a string (sym-pify)
  • Substitute a value or expression
  • Define an equation
  • Solve for X
  • Systems of Equations
  • Printing
  • Trigonometry (just some basic stuff using trig expressions)
  • Just a little calculus (examples, limits, derivatives, integrals)
  • Linear Algebra (Focus about 40% of talk on this to aid students in statistics, analytics, and machine learning)

John Cassidy

John has 13 years of experience as a programmer and consultant. During this time he has done Java programming, XSLT and XML schema definition, Palm OS development, Extract Transform & Load (ETL) programming, process automation, reporting, data conversions, and Django development.