Big Data, No Big Deal: PySpark

Lightning Talk

Sick of feeling like those Big Data programmers must be way smarter than you? Good news, you can catch up in five minutes. Spark is for big data but the PySpark library makes using it no big deal.

Presented by

Catherine Devlin

In 1999, Catherine was a washed-up chemical engineering grad student when she was bitten by a radioactive database and was transformed into a software person. She fell in love with the Python community at PyCon 2004 and brought that love back to Ohio by leading the volunteers for the first PyOhio. Every year she's thrilled to watch it thrive.

Today she works on big data ETL for Disney Streaming Services. She and her wife live in the woods near Dayton, and yes, they did get hit by the Memorial Day tornadoes. As a ten-year veteran of remote work, she welcomes you all to her world.