Great Scott! Delorean for Datetime Manipulation in Python

Lightning Talk

Working with dates and times in Python can lead to frustration, heartache, and, ironically, lost time – but it doesn’t have to! This brief demo introduces Delorean, a library constructed to make datetime manipulation in Python easier. Participants will discover how they can use Delorean

  • to do datetime arithmetic,
  • to handle time zone shifts,
  • to convert datetimes into human language like “3 days from now,” and
  • to generate equally spaced datetime intervals.

Presented by

Kimberly Fessel

Kimberly Fessel is a Senior Data Scientist at Metis, the industry’s only accredited, full-time, immersive data science bootcamp. Prior to joining Metis as an instructor, Kimberly worked in digital advertising at MRM//McCann where she focused on helping clients understand their customers by leveraging unstructured data with modern NLP techniques. She holds a Ph.D. in applied mathematics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and completed a postdoctoral fellowship in math biology at the Ohio State University.